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Who are the visitors of the Vakantiebeurs? It is no surprise that they love going on holiday, but you may be interested in some more facts. More than half of all visitors are male. Almost 1 in 5 are households with children living at home. The average income is around 1.5 x the national average or higher. Almost half of all visitors have a college or university degree.

On average, our visitors spend almost €3,376.00 per person per year on holidays. That is approx. 2.8 x more than the average Dutch holidaymaker!

An important reason for visiting the Vakantiebeurs is to find information about destinations in Europe.

Our visitors are also looking for inspiration, new ideas and personal information. Ambience and atmosphere are very important. Visitors want to get into the holiday mood.

Results previous edition

The 2017 edition of the Vakantiebeurs attracted 108,779 holiday lovers to the largest travel event in the Netherlands. On average, they spend 4 hours and 4 minutes at the trade show. 80% of the visitors rated the offer of participating travel organisations as “very good”, equating to an average score of a 7.3. More facts and figures?

Facts & Figures Vakantiebeurs 2016
Number of visitors: 108,779
Average holiday spending p.p.p.y. €3,158

Want to know more? View the 2017 fact sheet for more results.


Finds inspiration for multiple trips


Rates the products on offer as (very) good

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Vakantiebeurs 2016
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