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vakantiebeursFor many Dutch people, going on holiday is ‘a part of life’. We are a nation of inquisitive travellers, and on average spend a lot of time and money on holiday, recreation and relaxation. A visit to the Vakantiebeurs should take advantage of this, and that is why the 2016 edition is more vivid than ever. It feels like you’re already there!

More action, more impact

Want to see long-nosed monkeys in Malaysian Borneo, dive off the coast of Mozambique or visit the best Four Seasons Camp Site with the kids? The fun starts at the Vakantiebeurs, and this year we’re taking it to the next level. A thrilling African world, the new Wellness pavilion and the exotic ‘1001 Night’ bazaar give visitors a taster of exciting types of holidays. This year, we also have a lot to offer for singles and lone travellers. With a climbing rock, diving pool and the food market at strategic locations, the event is getting an extra special twist. Grab the moment and meet your target audience in person.

See • Taste • Smell

More and more, the Vakantiebeurs is becoming a day of anticipation and fun. Jules Verne needed 80 days, but at the Vakantiebeurs, visitors are inspired by the most beautiful destinations worldwide. Besides gathering information, visitors of Vakantiebeurs are there for action, fun, good food and a lifelike experience. For example:

  • wandering around on a magical '1001 night' bazaar
  • taking the kids to the best Camping by Night: 4 seasons!
  • a real-life adventure in the colorful Africa! Hall
  • enjoying bites from all over the world during the culinary trail
  • finding your new traveling companion at the meeting plaza
  • ultimate relaxation at the wellness point
  • meeting locals and enjoying new cultures


It is important to create an inspiring and exciting event. To make this happen, the trade show has been divided into sections by 1) holiday type and 2) geographic location.

The types of holidays are:

- DISCOVER Far-away destinations vakantiebeurs
- ACTIVE Outdoor & Sports 
- SEE Cities & culture
- TOGETHER Family & children
- SAIL Cruises & sailing
- OUTDOOR Camping 

The geographic locations consist of country pavilions, exotic locations and continents. This lay-out means there always is a plaza, (country) pavilion or activity that fits in with what you have to offer. A location where you can meet your target audience.

Orientation and decision-making behaviour

The traditional summer holiday is slowly being replaced by shorter (in-between) holidays. Families, but also couples without children, go on different types of holidays throughout the year; a camping trip in the summer, cycling during the May holiday and a city trip on a Bank Holiday weekend. These modern holiday makers expect quality. They don’t just go without arranging anything. They want inspiration, information and destinations that offer a good price/quality ratio.

Supply and demand

Every edition, we use the wishes and feedback of visitors of the Vakantiebeurs to implement changes. These are your and our customers. Nowadays, it’s all about experiencing things yourself. That is why themes and activities are given a prominent place at the trade show, and the Vakantiebeurs has developed into a veritable holiday experience.


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