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VAKANTIEBEURS 2019 • road trip to the future

2020 is our anniversary year, as we will be organising the 50th edition of the Vakantiebeurs. In the run-up to this anniversary, the Vakantiebeurs is undergoing a complete transformation in 2019 –even a successful event like the Vakantiebeurs moves with the times.

Changing times

Our society has changed immensely in recent decades. This also applies to the travel industry. Even decisions about big expenditures such as holidays are sometimes taken in a matter of seconds. Add to this the new ways in which people gather information, book a holiday and make preparations for a trip. Going on holiday can no longer be compared to the way people took a vacation in the 70s or even ten years ago. 

Structure in 2019

To remain a strong brand after 2020, it is important to always move with the market. This means responding to trends and developments. Trends and developments today and in the (near) future. This means that the 2019 edition will have a new structure, for both professional visitors and consumers. 

  • Vakantiebeurs Travel Congress | Tuesday 8/1 
    The second week of January will start with a brand-new concept: The Vakantiebeurs Travel Congress. A knowledge event for travel professionals and trade visitors from the travel industry. An event focusing on sharing knowledge, gathering information, inspiration and networking. A day to orient yourself on (future) developments within and outside the industry.
    Location •  Supernova | Jaarbeurs

  • Vakantiebeurs Trade Day | Wednesday 9/1 
    In 2019, there will be one Trade Day. On Wednesday, the trade show will be open for travel professionals only. Things that won’t change: 

    - Grand opening of the trade show;
    - Presentation of the latest NBTC-NIPO figures;
    - The GFK Travelscan; and 
    - A high-quality professional programme. 

    Thanks to the success of the B2B lounge (open on Wednesdays and Thursdays) in 2018, this dedicated zone will become larger and get a more professional feel; a great place to do business! Networking is made easy with the so-called ‘matchmaking tool’. It makes the Vakantiebeurs Trade Day the day for:

    - Keeping up with trends, developments and innovations in the industry;
    - Networking and doing business. 

  • We will end the Wednesday with the Vakantiebeurs Trade Day get-together.

  • Vakantiebeurs Consumer Days | Thursday 10/1 until Sunday 13/1
    Boosted by the information and positivity on Tuesday and Wednesday, the consumer days can get off to a great start. We are planning to simply have a great party. From Thursday to Sunday, the show is open for consumers. Because the first day of your next holiday starts at ... the Vakantiebeurs!

What’s in it for you

During the past fifty years, the Vakantiebeurs has proven its value. Every year, more than a hundred thousand travel enthusiasts come to Utrecht, looking for new travel destinations and inspiration. For visitors, it is a one-day holiday, during which they come into contact with travel organisations, countries and regions and local experts.  With a stand at the Vakantiebeurs, you get the chance to come into direct contact with people who are looking for a great holiday – whether they are looking for a ‘safe’ destination or ‘something completely different’. Every meeting is added value for your database and boosts your brand, your destination or your travel product. In short, it boosts your entire company.  


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