Stand construction requirements

Building your own stand

If you are building your own stand, you have to submit your design to the Jaarbeurs Backoffice department for approval. They will assess your design on e.g. the type of location, dimensions, technical aspects and possible environmental factors at the selected location. You can e-mail your stand drawings (a technical drawing with dimensions as well as a visual) to:

Backoffice Department

Of by post to:
Att.: Backoffice Department
PO Box 8500
NL-3503 RM Utrecht

Attention: The Service portal gives the deadline for the submission of stand designs.

Minimum stand requirements

Each exhibitor is required to erect partition walls. How many walls you need, depends on the type of location. For an aisle stand, you need 3 walls (1 rear wall and 2 side walls). For a corner stand, you need two walls (1 rear wall 1 and 1 side wall), and for an end of row stand, only a rear wall is required. Walls must have a minimum height of 2.50 meters. You are not allowed to use your neighbours' rear/side wall(s). If you have an island stand, no walls are required. All stand types require floor covering.


All walls and objects inside your stand can be max. 2.50 meters high. If you want to build higher, you need written approval from your neighbour(s) and from Jaarbeurs. Please keep the maximum height of the hall in mind when designing your stand. Walls higher than 2.50 meters should be nicely finished on both sides. It is not allowed to place your logo on the back of the wall(s), unless you have written approval from your neighbours and from Jaarbeurs.

If you wish to place an object in your stand that is higher than 2.50 meters, the rule is that this object has to be placed at least 1 meter away from neighbouring walls. Placing objects within 1 meter of walls is only allowed after written approval from your neighbours.
On submission of your stand design, Jaarbeurs will (if necessary) provide you with your neighbour's contact details.


We notice that participants with an island or end of row stand often have too little wall space. To create extra wall space, they often erect walls along the aisle. This seems a good solution, but it does confront other exhibitors and visitors with a blind wall.

If you are in need of extra wall space, you can erect extra walls within your stand, observing a distance of 1 meter from the stand boundaries. This way, the stand retains its open character.

P.S.: Each aisle side of your stand can be built up for a maximum of 50% and over a length of 5 meters, unless the organization has decided otherwise. We retain the right to alter the stand construction requirements without stating reasons.

Multi-storey stands

Multi-storey stands are always higher than 2.50 meters, and are only allowed if you inform the organization (extra floors are not always allowed at trade shows) and if it is constructed at least 1 meter away from neighbouring stands.

Multi-storey builds require approval from Jaarbeurs, the Fire Department and the City of Utrecht. The contact details can be found below:

Dienst stadsontwikkeling
Mr. C. Hoppenbrouwer
PO Box 8406
NL-3503 RK Utrecht
Telephone +31 (0)30-2864644

Utrecht Fire Department
Afdeling bouw- en woningtoezicht
Afdeling Pro-actie en preventie
Mr. J. Verlaan
Belcampostraat 10
NL-3544 NG Utrecht
PO Box 3025
NL-3502 GA Utrecht
Telephone +31 (0)88-8784127


It is prohibited to build your stand into the aisles without prior approval. Your activities also have to be restricted to your stand and any displays or products have to remain inside your stand.

Technical facilities

Technical facilities (electricity, water and compressed air) are located in the trays or holes in the floor. In your stand design, take the locations of these facilities into account. This way, you prevent unnecessary wiring. Another solution is putting down a raised floor, which gives you the opportunity to hide wires underneath.

Avoid noise pollution

Please ensure that other exhibitors do not suffer any nuisance as a result of activities at your stand. Especially inconvenience caused by noise can be very disturbing for others who are having important conversations. it is a good idea to warn your immediate neighbours if you are planning to organize activities that might be quite noisy.
If you intend to use live or amplified audio, you need to request permission from the organization. We retain the right to withdraw our permission at any time in the event of noise nuisance.

For questions regarding the stand construction requirements, please contact our Customer Service department. They can be contacted on weekdays from 8AM until 6PM, on tel. +31 (0)30-295 2999 or via e-mail