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Promotion & Branding

The Vakantiebeurs, with 14,575 trade visitors and more than 105,000 consumer visitors, is the ideal place to promote your brand or message.

The Vakantiebeurs offers various forms of promotion and branding. Do you have an original suggestion or idea? Don’t hesitate to contact us »

Vakantiebeurs Host Country | Rates on Request
As a host country, you are the main sponsor of the Vakantiebeurs. This sponsorship includes an extensive, tailor-made branding & marketing package, matching the total campaign in the run-up to, during and after the trade show. Of course, the focus in the branding and exposure will be on the event itself. But, for our main sponsor, we are happy to put together an optimal package, in consultation with you.

B2B (Trade Days) - Promotion & Branding

Main Sponsor B2B Lounge | € 7,500
Prolonged because of success. On Wednesday and Thursday, the B2B lounge will again be open. On these days, travel professionals can book B2B units and B2B tables. The business lounge also has a coffee bar, free WIFI and offers you plenty of opportunity to work or schedule appointments. The sponsorship package consists of:uit

  • Your own B2B unit
  • Zone name 
  • Branding of the zone in your style or theme 
  • Partnership with the Vakantiebeurs. This includes a mention in the communication before, during and after the trade show.

Trade Day Networking Event | €5,000-10,000
The networking even was re-introduced last year, and again, this year it will be the conclusion of the Vakantiebeurs Trade Day (9 January). It promises to be the networking event for the travel industry in January, with more than 1000 travel professionals! 
This too is a custom package. You can, among other things, sponsor a snack, drink or activity during the networking event. Of course, you will be included in the campaign and communication as a partner of the Vakantiebeurs. And during the get-together, you get the chance to deliver a short speech on stage. 

Sponsorship Trade Day Lanyard | €6,000
On entry, all visitors of the Trade Day receive a lanyard for their access badge (approx. 19,000 units). Your sponsor logo (including slogan) is printed on the lanyards.

B2C (Consumers) | Promotion & Branding

Vakantiebeurs Travel Guide (circulation 60,000)
To find their way around the trade show, visitors use the floor plan inside the Vakantiebeurs Travel Guide. The guide also contains all possible information about the event. Do you want to promote your destination or product? You can place an advertisement or advertorial in the guide. The rates differ, so contact us » or more information. 

Sponsorship Terraces and Experience Zones | €5,000-10,000
Sponsorship includes: 

  • Zone name (terrace or theatre)
  • Branding and decoration of this zone in the style or theme of the sponsor, in collaboration with Vakantiebeurs
  • Placement of your logo on the floor plan
  • Partner on the website

Theatres – Presentations | €125 per session
In 2018, one in four visitors attended a presentation. As a result of this success, the number of theatres/presentations has been extended. The programme is printed in the Vakantiebeurs Travel Guide (circulation 60,000) and published on the website. You can reserve a 30-minute slot (gross) to give your presentation. 

Logo on the floor plan | €750
Have your logo printed on the floor plan to indicate your stand (circulation 60,000).

Kids Route • Sponsorship Kids Passport | €2,500
Immediately on entry, children receive a ‘Kids passport’ with a special route along participants who are organising special activities for children as part of the Kids Route. The passport is also a stamp card, and when they complete the route, the kids receive a fun gift. 
Sponsorship of the Kids Passport (approx. 3,500) includes:

  • Your logo on the front
  • Advertisement on the back
  • Online branding, e.g. a banner on the website or advertorial in the newsletter. Contact us » for more information.

Online options
There are also plenty of promotional opportunities and branding online, ranging from banners on the website to advertorials in the newsletters.  Request our rates here »