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Service portal

Exhibitors can make use of the Service portal. Through this portal, you can order (technical) facilities, catering, enter your catalogue details and follow your visitor marketing efforts (and follow-up after the trade show).
» Go to the Service portal

Login codes Service portal

In the run-up to the trade show, you receive automatically an e-mail with the inviation to make your personal account.  Did you not receive this information or did you lose the codes? Don't hesitate to contact

» Customer Service.

How do I attract more visitors to my stand? Invite them!

Jaarbeurs can invite people to come to a trade show, but not to a specific stand. You, as an exhibitor, can. And inviting customers is very effective. With the free tools that we are providing you, it's also very easy to do: use the printed or digital invitations, and publish a registration link/logo on your website or copy it into your e-mails. You can also easily monitor the results of these actions. Manage your customer marketing in the » Clientportal/Serviceportal.

Enter your catalogue details

You can also enter your catalogue details via the » Service portal. Based on the information entered, visitors are matched to companies that are of interest to them. In other words, your company. The more information your profile contains, the more potential leads it can deliver.

Submit news articles: Free publicity for your company/organization

In the » Service portal you can also publish news about products/services you will be showcasing at the trade show. These news items will automatically be placed on your company page in the digital catalogue. From all the news items submitted, we will make a selection of articles that are included in our visitor newsletters and/or printed catalogue, at no cost. You can also submit press releases, which we will bring under the attention of the relevant media.


Need electricity at your stand, furniture or want the stand cleaned daily? For technical facilities, approval for the use of gas, waste disposal, rigging etc., go to the »
Service portal.

Catering: from delivery service to custom catering

Do you require beverages, packed lunches or snacks at your stand during the trade show? Organize your catering in advance through the Service portal or call us during the event. We will quickly deliver what you need. Would you like custom catering, for instance Live Cooking or a barista? Please contact » Customer Service

Stand construction

As an exhibitor, you can decide to build a stand yourself or rent a standard stand.
» View the stand construction packages

Do you want to build your own stand? Please note that certain conditions apply and that you have to submit your stand design in time. For (additional) stand furnishing, you can go to the » Service portal.