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The Vakantiebeurs takes place from Tuesday 9 until Sunday 14 January 2018, in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The show will only be open to professionals from the travel industry on the 9th; the 10th is a mixed day for both consumers and professionals. 

Hall lay-out – Geography & themed zones
Hall 2: Africa, Africa Village and theatre dome
Hall 3: North America, Canada, Iran and Cruise Boulevard
Hall 4: Central and South America, the Caribbean Village, Asia, Down Under & Pacific, theatre dome
Hall 7: Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, Urban zone and theatre dome
Hall 8: The Middle East and North Africa, VVKR pavilion and NL Reist plaza
Hall 10: The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Iceland, UK & Ireland, food market
Hall 11: Activity hall with picnic area, bike test track, activity plaza, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Central and Eastern Europe
Hall 12: Outfreeca; camping and outdoor holidays