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On this page you'll find a short recap of the Vakantiebeurs Trade Days. Various speakers have offered to make their presentation or white paper available as downloads. Check them below!


The Dutch holiday market: trends and expectations for 2018
Send an e-mail to info@nbtcnipo.nl to apply for a note with key numbers

Downloads as a PDF-file:

Marco Derksen |The impact of digital technology in the travel industry (in Dutch)

Vincent Thamm | Take-off to Corporate Innovation (in English)

Herwin Roerdink | Vondst |GDPR: Are you ready for the new Privacy Act? (in Dutch)

Tessa aan de Stegge | Purpose travel (in Dutch)

Fiona Vandenbroeck |Travelbird |Augmented TravelAdvisors..truth or fable? (in English)

Christel Schoger | Key trends and insights in the online search behaviour of Dutch travellers  (in English)

Charlotte's law | The legal do’s and don’ts on social media (in Dutch)

Victoria Pearce Consulting | Online reviews – why they are important and not going away (in English)


Chatlotte's Law |De juridische do’s en dont’s op social media
Marco Derksen | Impact van de digitale technologie op de reisindustrie
Nick Hall | Digitale Trends & Transformatie in de reisbranche
Promote Iceland | Inspired by Iceland: Het belang van ‘nimble marketing’
Tessa aan de Stegge | Purpose travel

William Price | Africa Rising, the travel trends taking us there Vincent Thamm | Transavia: Take-off to Corporate Innovation