Aurora do Tocantins: the largest chain of mountains of Brazil (Engels)

it is place of great cultural significance due to colonial architecture, history and traditions, such as Cavalhadas, and the religious festivities of Senhor do Bonfim and Divino Espírito Santo, other folkloric and religious festivals from colonial times and the era of the gold rush. One such example is Natividade, a city that once was a major producer of jewelry in the region and still keeps many traditions like the crafting of handmade jewelry made by local artisans.

All throughout the region, ecotourism is made possible by a number of rivers, canyons, waterfalls and caves as in Dianópolis, municipality that also keeps ancestral traditions of the quilombolas, the descendants of escaped black slaves. Another municipality in the area is Peixe, which from May to October has beaches on the shores of Tocantins River. Amid all the fauna, flora and other natural beauties, visitors can also enjoy the historic city centers of Natividade, Dianópolis and Arraias, which hold the memory and history of Tocantins embedded in its narrow streets and stone walls built by slaves.

There are still magnificent rock formations, mountain ranges, Canyon Encantado, Cachoeirinha, Gruta do Caldeirão (cave), waterfalls, Arco do Sol, and the river Azuis, considered the smallest river in Tocantins and the third smallest in the world, with only 147 meters in length. It is located in a village with the same name, part of the municipality of Aurora do Tocantins. Trekking, snorkeling, rafting, kayaking, bathing in waterfall, contemplating of nature and many other activities can be practiced in the region of Mountain Range.

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