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12-15 January

Discover the Vakantiebeurs 2023!

The start of your next trip begins at the Vakantiebeurs! Get new vacation inspiration and get informed for an upcoming trip. Expect a wide range of organizations, hotels and destinations that can offer you the perfect vacation. Go on an adventure, have a day out and make unforgettable memories: there is a lot to do and see. Look and experience for yourself! The Vakantiebeurs will be held from 12 to 15 January 2023 at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Which (undiscovered) destination are you going to?

Never a dull moment

Participate in the best activities

There is a lot to do during Vakantiebeurs! Discover your new favorite recipe and sing your favorite holiday hits in the karaoke bar!
Or are you a real adventurer and would you like to take a test dive in the diving tank?

Vakantiebeurs Kids zone

Come to the Kids zone! There is a lot to do for children at the Vakantiebeurs! Children can have their faces painted, or do they rather watch a movie? That is possible in the Camperbaas motorhome! Come quickly to the kids’ zone in hall 11. Or if you prefer roller skating, you can do that at the Rolling Glow.


Did you know that you can go to the Vakantiebeurs for everything that has to do with camping? As a camper you can indulge yourself in hall 9! Get plenty of inspiration about beautiful camping locations, camping equipment, tips & tricks and expect an adventurous camping activity.

Diving tank

A diving experience with optimal visibility in the Netherlands? That is also possible at the Vakantiebeurs!
Take a test dive in the diving tank in hall 7 and imagine yourself in tropical waters. Lots of fun!

Indoor surfing

Always wanted to surf? Put on a wetsuit and come and surf indoors at the Vakantiebeurs in hall 8! Beginner or experienced surfer… everyone is welcome.

The Karaoke Bar

Get completely into the Asian atmosphere and sing your lungs out at the karaoke bar in hall 12. Which song will you sing?.

Roller skating rink

Roller skating at the Vakantiebeurs. More info will follow.

Climbing forest

This activity is only for the real adventurer! Go up 7 meters on our mobile climbing forest and discover the eight different courses.

Note: minimum height 1.50m.

Caribbean photobooth

Get into the summery atmosphere during the Vakantiebeurs and take the most beautiful photos. There is a photobooth in the Caribbean part of hall 7. Take a picture with your friends or family and take home the best memory of the Holiday Fair.

Learn a lot

Several theaters

At the Vakantiebeurs you can learn a lot about all kinds of travel destinations in the many theatres!

There are theaters with the following themes:

  • Camping
  • Experience
  • Europe
  • Caribbean
  • USA
  • Distant travel
  • VvKR
Entertainment and experience

Squares and zones

At the different squares and zones you can experience and learn more about for examples Cruises or find entertainment for kids!

You will find the following sqaures and zones at the fair:

  • Kids Zone
  • Cruise Zone
  • World Market square
  • Hike and bike discover square
  • Personal travel counseling square




Food & drinks

Are we going for a real American citizen today? Or maybe churros on the Poolbar terrace? Let’s take a look at the different products on the world market later.
And then at the end of the afternoon to the Bierstube?

Hall 7 and 8

Southern Europe & Sunny destinations

Pool bar Terrace
On the Pool Bar Terrace (hall 7) you can enjoy a delicious portion of churros with a view of our ball pit pool! It feels like you’re really on vacation!

Caribbean Terrace
You will also find the Caribbean terrace in hall 7. Take a look at the Caribbean terrace and let yourself be carried away in the cozy atmosphere of the music and dance. Enjoy the Caribbean show while enjoying a delicious snack. On the terrace you will find Surinamese snacks from Patricks’ catering and the Sapsalsa while you dance during the show.

Greece Terrace
Or are we going for Greek cuisine? On the Greece Terrace (hall 7) you are sitting on an attractive square with Greek styles. Take a look at the Greek terrace. Enjoy the delicious dishes from Oli Mazi and maybe you can take a picture with them!

Sunny Cars Aloha Terrace
As if you are in Hawaii … you can relax to the maximum at the Sunny Cars Aloha Terrace in hall 8. Drive with Sunnycars to the Aloha terrace and taste delicious Hawaiian poke bowls from Aloha Gaudi.

Camp Terrace
On the camping terrace in hall 8 it feels like you are in real nature. Quickly climb out of your tent and run to the camping terrace for a delicious sandwich or fries. Feel the excitement of the climbers in the climbing forest next to the terrace on this terrace.

Hall 9

Green destinations

You can’t ignore it in hall 9… the always cozy Bierstube! The atmosphere and music from the different countries come into their own. In hall 9 you will be taken through green countries such as Norway, Sweden, Germany and more. Get out during the Bierstude and let loose!

Hall 11 and 12

Far away destinations

USA Terrace
Immerse yourself in the American atmosphere on the USA Terrace in hall 11. On the USA terrace you will find the food trucks of Chez Jan and de Burgerij. Here you can taste the best American hot dogs and burgers.

Travelers Terrace
Hall 12 is the place to bring out the real traveler in you. Retire to the travelers café and gain new information. ANWB member? At the travelers cafe you can hand in your voucher for delicious apple pie and for coffee or tea.

Cruise & Latin Terrace
Just a quick stop? Then come to the Cruise Terrace and Latin Terrace in hall 11. Here they serve coffee and tea specialties, wraps, sandwiches and savory snacks.

Asian Terrace
You like it or you don’t like it….but we promise fun with karaoke on the Asian Terrace in hall 12! If you also want to get acquainted with Asian cuisine, come to Viëtnamama (hall 12). Here you can taste the tastiest snacks from Asia.

Africa Terrace
In hall 12 you really get into an African atmosphere! Enjoy an African show, with an African snack in hall 12. At food truck Die Ou Braai you can find various African dishes + ham on the bone.

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