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Alanya is a city situated in the Mediterranean, in the eastern coast of Antalya Bay of the Anatolian Peninsula and its history dates back to the antiquity. Behind the town is the Taurus Mountains and the total coastline of Alanya to the Mediterranean is about 100 km. The natural well-kept beaches extend along the coast. Alanya has a typical Mediterranean climate with wet humid winters and hot dry summers. The average winter temperature is 14ºC; the average summer temperature is 27ºC. In winter the water averages 18º C and in summer 25ºC. Though snow in the city centre is an extraordinary natural event Taurus Mountains which is almost over 2000 meters high is covered white during winter. At the beginning of the spring, the 20 rivers of Alanya carry the melting snow on the Taurus to Mediterranean by creating wonderful picnic areas and rafting rivers. Plateaus on Taurus Mountains have a very rich flora and there are perfect routes for trekking and safari. Even in Alanya Citadel there are 16 endemic plant species. There are no factories in Alanya; economic life depends on tourism and agriculture. Alanya has an important role in Turkey’s banana and citrus growing. Alanya is one of the biggest and most popular holiday destinations of the Mediterranean with a total number of 150.000 bed capacity.


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