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Höga Kusten/The High Coast Of Sweden

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In just a short time our destination has become one of Sweden’s fastest growing tourist destinations. It feels great! Our hearts beat a little faster here in the High Coast and our aim is for our visitors to also feel what we who live here feel: genuineness, thoughtfulness, pride and friendliness.

Thousands of years of land uplift have led to a dramatic landscape that gives endless opportunities for activities and outings. Expe-riencing the High Coast on foot is fantastic! We have a wide range of hiking trails and viewpoints with panoramas that you will never forget. Few places in Sweden have such varied terrain as the High Coast, and this makes for a great outdoor life. Great fishing can be had in our large number of lakes, streams and rivers and along our coastline. But the High Coast is just as good for those who want to take it easy and just “be”.

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