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The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia ( LIAA) is a State agency and National Tourism Board set up to promote Latvia as an attractive Nordic destination for tourism, export and investment.
Welcome to Latvia! We are not only proud of having the widest waterfall in Europe or being the world leader in internet speed, but also for our 50 shades of potato dishes and four extremely diverse seasons. Check out these amazing facts and get to know Latvia.
The country is plotted with small picturesque medieval towns, country castles, museums and 500km long Baltic Sea coastline. With Latvia being located at the crossroads between Western and Eastern cultures, and has a vast history, it is clear that foreign nations have left significant footprints in Latvia.
Latvia in a nutshell:
Riga is the capital of Art Nouveau;
Architectural kaleidoscopes;
Green and clean;
Cultural diversity;
Baltic Sea & sandy beaches.

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