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Experience the really real realness of Norway.

Norwegian Travel Company is a high-quality experience-based tourism company with selected destinations in Norway. We provide a “non-stop offer” with destinations, activities and accommodations for people traveling in the amazing nature of Norway.

Spend the night in a Snow Hotel in Kirkenes or Tromsø. See the Northern Lights. Feel the Arctic atmosphere while searching the whales in silence. Enjoy pure wilderness. Ride a snowmobile up the snowy mountains. Go dog sledding with locals. Go to Lofoten and spend the night in a traditional fishing shack. Take a gondola on top of a mountain and experience fine dining above the clouds in Tromsø or Romsdalen. Take a train ride from Narvik to the Swedish border.

With passion we build destinations, expand seasons, create new opportunities, enhance distribution, and secure quality. From the fjords to the mountains. From the sandy beaches to the rough cliffs. From urban buzz to the massive stillness of the ancient mountains. We believe in sustainable travel and will never compromise the fragile nature we love and depend on.

With us you can have the best day of your life and then do it again tomorrow.