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June '21
Travel dreams come to life at home in an online experience event on 4 and 5 June 2021

The Vakantiebeurs presents a dazzling online travel festival and an ‘I ♥ Travel’ show

‘Dream now, travel soon!’ is the motto of the Vakantiebeurs this year: the event, scheduled for 4 and 5 June, will take the form of an interactive online travel festival, aimed at bringing pre-holiday fun into people’s living rooms. On Friday evening, 4 June, the festival will kick off with the “I ♥ Travel” show, an interactive online travel experience that will allow holiday makers dream off to their favourite destinations. On 5 June, the Vakantiebeurs online travel festival offers a range of options for holiday enthusiasts, with information about safe travelling in times of Corona and dreaming big now to make those amazing trips later. In addition to lots of entertainment, information and pre-holiday fun, the show and festival also have a number of interactive components that online visitors to participate in. They can also win great trips.

Thecla Amoureus of the Vakantiebeurs: “After a year that was mostly about dreaming about going on holiday, we are getting ever closer to the moment when we can finally start travelling again. With the show and the festival, we want to inspire people to start dreaming about that perfect holiday and help them forget the current crisis for a moment, in the hope that it will all soon be behind us. The Vakantiebeurs Festival wants to show visitors amazing dream destinations and demonstrate what safe travel will look like in 2021. By watching, listening, reading, talking, participating and tasting, they can experience that pre-holiday fun right from their living room.”

‘I ♥ Travel’ show

The interactive ‘I ♥ Travel’ show will kick off the festival on Friday evening, 4 June. It will be broadcast live from the Jaarbeurs Studios in Utrecht, where various Dutch celebrities and holiday experts will take the viewer along on visits to dream destinations, talk about hilarious holiday clichés, share personal holiday stories and answer important questions about safety and travel. Arm chair or sofa travel enthusiasts can compete for the grand prize in our special holiday quiz and a “1-minute-of fame” during the broadcast.

Travel festival

On 5 June, the online travel festival will be a huge celebration of travel, with various films, sessions, meetings and much more. We did not forget about the travel professionals either, offering them a special ‘stage’ for networking and knowledge exchange. “By scheduling this online festival for June, we hope that there will be more clarity on the possibilities and impossibilities for the summer holidays. However, we are not limiting ourselves to summer travel offerings. The festival also covers those special dream trips for later the fall or in 2022,” according to Amoureus.

The show and festival make up a special online edition of the Vakantiebeurs, which is free for visitors to attend at www.vakantiebeurs.nl.

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Read the latest news about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the consequences for the travel industry on the ANVR website (only in Dutch).


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The festive 50th edition of the Vakantiebeurs was attended by 100,797 holiday enthusiasts in 2020.


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