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Vakantiebeurs is the annual travel event in the Netherlands. The event is a household name both in the Netherlands and abroad, because it is quite rare to meet locals, travel providers, travel professionals, destinations and consumers all under one roof. In 2021, we will kick off Vakantiebeurs with two Trade Days on April 6 & 7. During April 8 – 11 you will have plenty of opportunities to put your brand, organisation or company in the spotlight with consumers.

From travel wishlist to safe travel advice

The inspiration and information starts online this time, to help the consumer prepare for Vakantiebeurs and direct contact with travel providers for personal travel advice. Travel agencies, accommodations and destinations are showing themselves off on the trade show floor. Amazing travel stories and presentations in the theatres provide visitors with plenty of holiday inspiration. And of course, in collaboration with various authorities there will be extra attention for information about safe travel and hygiene precautions. In other words, what a “safe holiday” looks like nowadays.

COVID-19 measures

Naturally, Vakantiebeurs 2021 will look a little different due to COVID-19 measures. But no worries, even at 1,5 meters Vakantiebeurs will have plenty of opportunities to meet travel professionals and travel-loving consumers.

Read all COVID-19 measures for the upcoming edition.

Vakantiebeurs 2020 in figures

Facts & Figures

The festive 50th edition of the Vakantiebeurs was attended by 100,797 holiday enthusiasts in 2020. Vakantiebeurs 2021 will look a little different due to COVID-19 measures. However, despite all measures, the event still offers plenty of opportunities to meet destinations, travel professionals and travel-loving consumers. The 1.5-meter layout of the exhibition floor and the time slots provide space for a maximum of 45,000 visitors. Read all COVID-19 measures for the upcoming edition here


holiday enthusiasts visited the Vakantiebeurs in 2020


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average amount spent on
holidays per person per year

Target group

Visitor profile

The Vakantiebeurs visitor has spent an average of € 3,390 per person per year on holidays in recent years. This is € 2,000 more than the average Dutch person. Now more than ever, this visitor needs information about available destinations and travel offers to enjoy a safe holiday. Visitors come to the Vakantiebeurs for inspiration, to discover new destinations, to get more in-depth information from locals and to book their next holiday. A target group that you want to get to know better!

Ideal networking opportunity

Vakantiebeurs Trade Days

In 2021, we will kick off Vakantiebeurs with not one, but two Vakantiebeurs Trade Days. During these B2B days, travel professionals come together for networking, inspiration and information on the latest trends and developments in travel – and to do business, of course! Each Trade Day will have its own keynotes, to attract a targeted audience. On April 6 you will mainly meet directors / management, ambassadors and journalists. Day 2 (April 7) focuses on networking with and inspiration for marketing and product managers.

Trade Day 2020 in figures

Facts & figures


travel professionals visited the Trade Day in 2020


is (joint) decision-maker


indicated to attend the event again in 2021


average score professional visitors

Independent knowledge event

Travel Congress

Even though Vakantiebeurs will be in April, we will organise the annual Travel Congress on January 14th to kick off the new travel year together. Travel Congress is an independent knowledge event for the professional travel industry, focusing on gathering knowledge, inspiration and networking. This edition will be about the important lessons learned as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Ticket sales will start in December, 2020.


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