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Vakantiebeurs is the annual travel event in the Netherlands. The event is a household name both in the Netherlands and abroad, because it is quite rare to meet locals, travel providers, travel professionals, destinations and consumers all under one roof. In 2023, we will kick off Vakantiebeurs with the Trade Day on January 11th. During January 12-15 you will have plenty of opportunities to put your brand, organisation or company in the spotlight with consumers.

Vakantiebeurs 2020 in figures

Facts & Figures

The festive 50th edition of the Vakantiebeurs was attended by 100,797 holiday enthusiasts in 2020.


holiday enthusiasts visited the Vakantiebeurs in 2020


number of participants


holidays per year


average amount spent on
holidays per person per year

Target group

Visitor profile

The Vakantiebeurs visitor has spent an average of € 3,390 per person per year on holidays in recent years. This is € 2,000 more than the average Dutch person. Visitors come to the Vakantiebeurs for inspiration, to discover new destinations, to get more in-depth information from locals and to book their next holiday. A target group that you want to get to know better!


Vakantiebeurs Trade Day: 11 January

During this B2B day, travel professionals come together for networking, inspiration and information on the latest trends and developments in travel – and to do business, of course!

Trade Day 2020 in figures

Facts & figures


travel professionals visited the Trade Day in 2020


is (joint) decision-maker


indicated to attend the event again in 2021


average score professional visitors


Travel Congress

As the ultimate kick-off of the Vakantiebeurs, the Travel Congress (by Vakantiebeurs) will take place one day before the fair on 10 January. This is the knowledge event for the professional travel industry. With the theme ‘Adapting to change’, the upcoming edition will focus on, among other things, new technologies, consumer behavior and creative business within the travel sector. The event will take place in Supernova, Jaarbeurs.


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