January 9 to 12, 2025

Join the fun activities

At Vakantiebeurs, there is plenty to do and experience. Enter the world of travel adventures and vacation fun. Participate in activities and start the vacation anticipation! Vakantiebeurs is your gateway to a treasure trove of travel opportunities, where there's something for everyone to experience. Soon we will update the website to what you can expect at Vakantiebeurs 2025.

Meet travel experts

Our exhibitors believe in creating unique travel experiences that match your needs and ex­pect­a­tions. Whether you are traveling solo, with your partner, friends or family. They are happy to share their personal travel stories and insider tips to make your trip a real dream vacation.

Dutch Travel Week Festival

This festival was all about tasting, smelling and experiencing the different cultures around the world. Among other things, you could find a large open stage with music and dance performances, talk shows and cooking demonstrations. But of course also delicious snacks & drinks to really get into the vacation vibes!

World Market

Taste, smell, see and experience different cultures at our world market! You could stroll past colorful stalls filled with exotic delicacies and spices. Will you go for a very spicy sambal from Indonesia or will you taste the Surinamese cuisine? Here you could get into the mood for your next faraway trip.

Awards Festival

Every day you had a chance to win fantastic prizes such as: travel accessories, vouchers, day trips and even complete vacations! You bought a lottery ticket for the Vakantiebeurs Prize Festival with your ticket. All proceeds from the lottery tickets were donated to the Princess Maxima Center.

Palm tree climbing

At Vakantiebeurs 2024 you could climb a palm tree! Show off your climbing skills at this tropical attraction! Will you be the fastest to climb our towering palm trees? Compete against your friend or family.

Climbing Forest

This activity was only for the real adventurer! You could go 7 meters up on our mobile climbing forest and discover the eight different courses. Please note: minimum height 1.50m.


If there is one thing not to miss during these winter months, it's ice skating! Perhaps you will soon be standing on natural ice in Canada, Sweden or Finland. At Vakantiebeurs you could show off your skills on the ice!

Kids Route

For the little traveler, a special kids' route had been mapped out on the exhibition floor. Parents could get informed and inspired at their leisure, while the kids had a great time.


There's no getting around it...the always cozy Bierstube! The atmosphere and music from the different countries came full circle. You were taken through green countries such as Norway, Sweden, Germany and more. All while enjoying delicious food and en­ter­tain­ment, so you could get into the winter sports vibes.

Traditional dances

Will you soon be swinging to the sound of African drums? During Vakantiebeurs, various per­form­ances were given in all halls. Admire the beautiful dragon dance, a traditional folk dance from Chinese culture or dance along with the Caribbean dancers!