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june '21
days until Vakantiebeurs

The Vakantiebeurs presents a dazzling online travel festival and an ‘I ♥ Travel’ show

‘Dream now, travel soon!’ is the motto of the Vakantiebeurs this year: the event, scheduled for 4 and 5 June, will take the form of an interactive online travel festival, aimed at bringing pre-holiday fun into people’s living rooms. On Friday evening, 4 June, the festival will kick off with the “I ♥ Travel” show, an interactive online travel experience that will allow holiday makers dream off to their favourite destinations. On 5 June, the Vakantiebeurs online travel festival offers a range of options for holiday enthusiasts, with information about safe travelling in times of Corona and dreaming big now to make those amazing trips later. In addition to lots of entertainment, information and pre-holiday fun, the show and festival also have a number of interactive components that online visitors to participate in. They can also win great trips. Admission to the show and festival is free.


A household name for 50 years

Let’s go back in time, looking back on 50 years of Vakantiebeurs.

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