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9-12 January ’25

Vakantiebeurs 2025

The start of your next trip begins at the Vakantiebeurs! Get new vacation inspiration and get informed for an upcoming trip. Expect a wide range of organizations, hotels and destinations that can offer you the perfect vacation. Go on an adventure, have a day out and make unforgettable memories: there is a lot to do and see. Look and experience for yourself! The Vakantiebeurs will be held from 9 to 12 January 2025 at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Which (undiscovered) destination are you going to?

Unforgettable experiences

A dream trip consists of unforgettable experiences and memories. At Vakantiebeurs, you get a glimpse and the opportunity to already experience what it’s like to be at your next destination. Our travel experts are happy to assist you in planning your perfect journey: from the most beautiful undiscovered spots to booking the perfect honeymoon, an adventurous road trip, or enjoying a luxurious all-inclusive vacation. Which destination will you choose?

Sustainable, culinary, or a family vacation?

At the Vakantiebeurs, there’s something for every traveler to experience. Explore the various themed routes that Vakantiebeurs has to offer. Do you prefer to travel with minimal impact and a focus on sustainability? Then the sustainability route is the right choice for you. Are you more of a food enthusiast? Then join the food tour and travel the world through bites and drinks. For young adventurers, there’s a Kidspassport with fun activities. (Please note that you need a ticket for the food tour, which you can order on the ticket page.)

Dutch Travel Week Festival

In Hall 10, we are organizing the Dutch Travel Week Festival! In this hall, you’ll find the world market, a food truck festival, and a large stage with dance performances, music workshops, shows, and lectures. TV chef Ramon Brugman will be present with a cooking show, various travel influencers will make appearances, and there will be the daily Vakantiebeurs Prize Festival. Buy a ticket and have the chance to win amazing prizes, including travel accessories and even a complete trip! The entire proceeds from the tickets will go to the Prinses Maxima Centrum.

Get travel information about these countries and more

Get travel information about these countries and more

Which route will you follow?

Around the world in one day

Dutch Travel Week

Vakantiebeurs is part of the Dutch Travel Week.
During the Dutch Travel Week, Utrecht will be ’the centre of the world’ for a week.
Together with Utrecht Marketing and Utrecht entrepreneurs, many different activities, festivities and tours will be organised in Utrecht during the week of Vakantiebeurs.

Vakantiebeurs inspiration

Secret spots, trends and travel blogs

Are you curious about the newest destinations? Do you like to look for the most special accommodations to stay in? Maybe you like reading inspiring travel blogs. We’ll be glad to put all the news in one place for you!

7 reasons for spending a brief holiday in North Rhine-Westphalia

A mixed-reality guided tour through the city of Essen back in 1887, a dedicated museum for the Wuppertal suspension railway, which is unique in the world, or multi-day tours on outstanding hiking trails – you are going to find the following seven highlights to be some unique reasons for a brief holiday in NRW, no matter if you are a culture enthusiast or a lover of nature.

Hiking along the Olav Path

Discover Norway on foot!
Hiking through Norway is a great way to discover this diverse country: taking in the imposing surroundings, breathing in the aromas, and processing the impressions. If you also choose to hike along with one of Norway’s pilgrim trails, for example, the Olav Trail, you get a free dose of history and culture as well.

Caucasus Plus Travel

Not many people think of the Caucasus as a particularly successful destination for vacation travel and that’s a shame because the countries south of the High Caucasus Mountains offer everything that makes a vacation a success. The countries we are referring to here are Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Georgia and Armenia are 2 of the oldest Christian countries, located roughly between the Black and Caspian Seas.

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