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Sustainability Route

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important element in the new era of travel. Vakantiebeurs is happy to align with these themes and has thus developed the sustainability route, featuring partners who offer holidays and trips with sustainability in mind. Many of our participants also hold the Travelife Partner certificate.

Travelife Partner Certificate

Travelife is a globally recognized certification program for sustainable tourism, approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Certified experts implement sustainability policies, make environmentally friendly purchases, and promote green commuting. They encourage local partners to operate more sustainably in accommodations and excursions. Travelers are encouraged to use sustainable facilities, allowing holiday destinations to develop sustainably with care for people, animals, and the environment. The Travelife label assures travelers that they are choosing an organization that prioritizes sustainable tourism.


“In addition to having a sustainable certificate and a special compensation forest that also provides food for local projects, we have also developed special trips that have a low impact.”

“We design ‘regenerative’ journeys with local partners, journeys in which guests engage in hands-on activities that have a direct positive impact on the local population and/or nature.”

“All CO₂ emissions from the flights and car journeys of our clients, as well as those from all our own business activities, are offset. This makes every booked trip completely carbon-neutral.”

“We actively promote environmentally friendly activities, such as trekking, that have minimal impact on the environment. Our guides are trained to follow the principles of ‘Leave No Trace,’ ensuring that we leave these beautiful regions as we found them.”

“Our safaris are planned and organized with a focus on wildlife conservation. We specialize in nature conservation and family safaris, where you travel through the most beautiful natural areas, visit conservation projects, and meet wildlife protectors.”

“We aim to provide a journey that gives travelers unforgettable memories while maximizing the benefit to the local population from their visit. We opt for small, local partners to ensure more money stays in the vacation destination, strengthening the socio-economic position of the local population.”

“Every journey is entirely carbon-neutral. We offset the emissions from flights, cars, and our own business activities. Additionally, we invest in clean cookstoves in China and India.”

“We highly value the original culture of Sri Lanka and consider it important that the local population can benefit from tourism.”

“We believe it is important that the often impoverished Cuban population benefits from the growing tourism. We achieve this by focusing on what Cuba has to offer in terms of nature and culture, instead of relying on commercial resorts.”

“Aeterna Reizen aims to contribute as much as possible to a sustainable world in the future. That’s why we travel by train and modern coach—a eco-friendly and relaxed way to explore Europe.”

“Jouw Afrika Reis makes use of small-scale sustainable accommodations, and they also contribute to exciting projects such as Honeybeeheroes and Shongo (after-school care in Stellenbosch, South Africa).”

“We travel on pure wind energy, sailing from one port to another. Electricity is generated using solar panels and a wind generator. The destination depends on the weather and wind. The greenest way to travel.”

“At the lodge, we are environmentally conscious. There will be no unnecessary water waste, such as excessive garden watering or daily washing. We practice waste separation, avoid ingredient wastage, and minimize the unnecessary use of air conditioning and lights.”

“We are a destination that only promotes travel via rail or ferry for sustainable reasons. We have many sustainable features, from our focus on walking and cycling, e-bike hire, local produce using local foraged ingredients, local makers of glass produce, artwork, wood sculptures and more!”

“The core of all STB activities consists of a commitment to sustainability, on which the placement of Slovenia as a safe, green and engaging destination for authentic boutique five-star experiences is based.”

“Exploring the world is beautiful, especially when done as sustainably as possible. Fox and ANWB Reizen are aware of the impact that travel can have. Therefore, we aim for a maximum travel experience with minimal impact on nature, culture, and the environment. All our sustainable goals for 2025 are outlined in our Green Ambition.

“We support various local initiatives. We encourage encounters with local residents, allowing our travelers to learn more about their lives, traditions, etc. With each booking, we protect 100 m2 of tropical rainforest in Costa Rica.”

“In 2020, we became a partner of Travelife. We conduct our travels as sustainably as possible, with a focus on fair distribution of benefits among the local population and support for local projects. Additionally, we strive to minimize or offset the CO2 footprint of our travels as much as possible.”

“We carefully select hotels and excursions. We focus on small-scale and local businesses. In addition, we have a sustainable business operation.”

“At Sawadee, we believe in organizing trips with a focus on people, culture, and the environment. We achieve this by visiting sustainable accommodations and local projects, and investing in nature conservation and restoration.”

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