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Explore the future of travel by joining as an exhibitor at Travel & Tech.

Become part of an innovative community that is transforming the travel industry. Travel & Tech participants are getting organizations in the travel industry ready for the next stage. As an exhibitor, you have the opportunity to showcase your organization and take the lead in the evolution of the industry. Join us and discover how your company can excel in the travel industry of tomorrow!

Why participate in Travel & Tech?

Travel & Tech is the event that provides unparalleled insight into the future of travel. As an exhibitor, you have the unique opportunity to position yourself as a pioneer in the industry and showcase how your organization is at the forefront of the evolution of tourism.

1. Connect with your target audience


Reach a broad audience of professionals, experts, and decision-makers in the travel industry. Showcase what your organization has to offer and enhance your brand visibility on an international platform.

2. Valuable Contacts

Networking Opportunities

Form valuable connections and foster important relationships with fellow exhibitors, potential partners, and professionals. Explore new collaborations that can enhance the growth of your organization.

3. Unique Presentation

Innovation Showcase

Present your most groundbreaking technologies, innovative solutions, and creative ideas that will shape the future of travel. Demonstrate how your organization is making a difference and transforming travel experiences for people around the world.

4. Fit for the future


By participating as an exhibitor at Travel & Tech, you demonstrate that your organization is ready for the future of the travel industry. Become a pioneer in creating sustainable, innovative, and inclusive travel experiences that are changing the world.


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