What type of travel will be popular in 2024?



Like every year, we are already busy booking our next holiday. From faraway trips to beautiful destinations to short city trips nearby. Everyone chooses the holiday that suits them best, but which type of holiday is popular varies every year. We have researched and listed the most popular types of holidays for 2024 for you. You might just find your new holiday here!

  • Sustainable travel
    We are all aware of the changing climate and our own role in it. That is why we are increasingly choosing sustainable options for holidays. For instance, we like to stay in sustainably made accommodation and in places in the middle of nature. In addition, we find it increasingly important that our holidays do not have a negative impact on the local population and nature.

    But the journey to the destination is also becoming more sustainable. For instance, interest in train travel has increased significantly and we will travel by train even more often in 2024. Going on holiday by electric car is also becoming easier. Countries, such as France, which used to be known for having few charging points have taken a big step in the right direction. A holiday to the Côte D’Azur, for instance, is now perfectly possible with an electric car. 

    Do you want more inspiration for a sustainable trip in 2024? Then follow the sustainability route at the Vakantiebeurs. This route takes you along to partners offering holidays with a focus on sustainability.

  • Affordable luxury
    Living at home is becoming increasingly more expensive which makes us pay close attention to costs when booking a holiday. But we prefer not to compromise on luxury. That is why we see a big search for affordable luxury on holidays in 2024. Choosing a destination is very important in this. We see that more and more people are choosing to go on holiday to a destination where the cost of living is cheaper than here in the Netherlands.

    We are also keeping travel time to the destination shorter in 2024 to save costs. A holiday at home or within Europe is popular. Stroll through hall 9 at the Vakantiebeurs, for example. Here you will find inspiration for trips to countries such as Germany and Eastern Europe.
  • Workation
    The term ‘workation’ is becoming more popular after the pandemic. It means combining work and pleasure during a holiday. A prerequisite for a good place to stay during a workation is the presence of digital resources. Because with a good wifi connection, work can be done. That way, you can work hard in the morning and enjoy what your destination has to offer in the afternoon. Go to the beach, for example, or discover the local cuisine in a restaurant.

    Popular destinations in Europe for a workation are, for example, southern France and the Spanish coast. Outside Europe, Bali remains as popular as ever as a workation destination. For more inspiration for a trip to Bali, visit for example Merapi Tour & Travel in the Asia section of the Vakantiebeurs.

  • Like on TV
    In 2024, our trips are increasingly inspired by what we see on TV. B&B vol liefde, for instance, was immensely popular on Dutch TV and this created a huge demand for dating holidays and single trips.

    The destinations of Wie is de Mol are hugely popular every year. The upcoming season is set in Mexico and we predict that this will therefore be a much sought-after destination among Dutch people. After all, what could be more fun than seeing the destinations from the TV series in real life? Travel to Mexico can be found at TUI and Riksja Travel at the Vakantiebeurs, among others.

    But you can also visit destinations from foreign series and films. Think Croatia for Game of Thrones fans, Greece for fans of Mamma Mia! and New Zealand for Lord of the Rings fanatics.

Do you already know which holidays you are going to book for next year? Come to the Travel Trade Day and get inspired and informed by our exhibitors!

The information in this blog is based on research done by Skyscanner, Booking and the VakantieDiscounter. And on popularity of search terms of other major tour operators such as TUI, Sunweb and ANWB.